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The KeNAAM governance structure is categorised into four levels of governance.

The operations of these organs are guided by the KeNAAM constitution.

Advisory Council

The Council is appointed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on recommendation of the Board of Management. It comprises of 13 individuals appointed by the AGM and the entire board of management.

In addition, the council can co-opt up to a maximum of three individuals, to offer technical assistance on need basis. The Co-opted members shall serve a term of two years, which may be renewed at the discretion of the council.

The members of the Advisory Council are appointed in their individual capacity.

Committees of the Board

The Board of Management has established three committees:

  1. Finance and Administration,
  2. Program Advisory
  3. Grants Management and Resource Mobilization.

The purpose of the committees is to expedite the conduct of the board’s business and provision of technical support. The Committees oversees issues of accountability and reports to the board on regular basis. The committee is headed by a chairperson whose role is to report on the work of the committee and issues which are discussed at every board meeting.

Board of Management

The board of management is appointed by the AGM. It is composed of 5 members whose mandate is to ensure that the organization is guided by its vision, mission, core values, guiding principles and objectives in its operations.

The board helps to provide a strategic guidance and direction, overall oversight to the business, formulate and ensure compliance with policy and advice on development of new programs. The board also helps in positioning the alliance to inform policy and also nurture and sustain a strong public image.

The number of board members can be increased to 9.

General Meeting

It is the supreme governance organ of the alliance.

During the Annual General Meeting(AGM), issues touching on finances, audits, election of the board of directors and fixing of the auditors remuneration are deliberated upon.