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Membership FQAs

  1. Who is eligible for KeNAAM membership?

Membership is open to non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and private sector organizations with interest in malaria control and related health issues.

  1. Is membership organizational or individual?

Membership in KeNAAM is organizational, and anyone within the member organization automatically is eligible to receive membership benefits. We do not accept applications from individuals who are not working for an existing KeNAAM member, however, certain member services such as workshops and events are open to non members.

Preview the complete list of upcoming KeNAAM events.

  1. What are the membership dues and how are they calculated?

Dues are calculated according to whether you are a new member or an old one. The renewal charges differ from that of application for new membership.

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  1. What is KeNAAM membership year?

Our member year is 1 January – December 30. If you join midyear, dues are prorated at half the Annual Dues for the initial member year. Membership renewals take place in January each year.

  1. Where can I find information about membership?

View the joins us guide on how to become a member, or watch our videos posted in our website to learn the activities on the ground. Also, review the upcoming events to see what activity you would like to participate in.

  1. How do I apply for membership?

The process generally begins with a phone call to KeNAAM, as we have found it helpful to answer questions and provide information. KeNAAM has an online membership application form which you can download.

  1. If I have additional membership questions, who do I contact?

Please email or call 0202023442 and someone from KeNAAM will be in touch.

  1. My company provides a product or service relevant to KeNAAM  members. Do I qualify for membership?

If you provide a product or service relevant to KeNAAM members, you would not qualify for membership but may be eligible for KeNAAM‘s Partners program. A complete list of our partners is available online.