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Community Health Units Stir Hope

Residents of Migori County have a reason to smile following the increase of community health worker’s to combat preventable ailments.

Kenya NGOs Against Malaria (KeNAAM) through the Global Fund created additional health community units (CUs) to deal with the high cases of preventable diseases in Kuria East and West.

The move was triggered by a survey by the Ministry of Health dubbed, ‘Taking the Kenya Essential Package For Health To The Community’, which indicated that a large number of Kenyans continue to carry one of the highest preventable burdens of ill health globally.

Benica Robi, a Community Health Worker (CHW) of Getongoroma Community Unity (CU) said the project was key in boosting health care in the area citing that Migori County was riddled with malaria and sanitation related diseases.

“Malaria has been a big problem in this area but with these new community units we will be able to deal with the cases more efficiently,” said Robi.

The report found that much of the disease burden can be alleviated and prevented by utilising the existing knowledge and resources.

KeNAAM observed that the CUs’ would act as the link between the residents and the health facilities.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, KeNAAM conducted a ten-day training for CHWs in Migori. The training aimed at equipping the CHWs with knowledge on community case management and community health systems in order to diagnose and treat uncomplicated malaria. The Kenya National Health Sector Strategic Plan defined a new approach to the way the sector will deliver health care services to Kenyans – The Kenya Essential Package for Health (KEPH). One of the key innovations of KEPH is the recognition and introduction of level 1 service, which are aimed at empowering Kenyan households and communities to take charge of improving their own health.

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