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About Kenaam

We have been saving more than 10,000 lives

KeNAAM is a network of non state actors working towards preventing, controlling and reducing the high death rate as a result of malaria. It was founded in 2001, prompted by the realization that the fight against malaria required concerted effort. In the face of emerging challenges posed by high levels of poverty, KeNAAM has expanded to integrate maternal and child health initiatives in a bid to alleviate suffering.

In the 21st century, the fight against the debilitating effects of malaria is a shared responsibility that borders on promoting appropriate prevention and treatment norms and standards, internal systems strengthening and resource mobilization to enhance equitable access to essential care for a Malaria Free Kenya.


KeNAAM Reform

KeNAAM is expanding its core mission to incorporate other complex health challenges contributing to the high infant and maternal mortality rate in the country. In keeping with this goal KeNAAM has undertaken internal strengthening training measures to improve its efficiency.


A malaria free Kenya


KeNAAM is committed to scaling up effective malaria interventions and addressing related diseases and conditions among vulnerable communities in Kenya

Core Values


KeNAAM will at all times strive for excellence in implementing internal processes, interaction with stakeholders and customers by upholding the highest standards of professionalism in the market.


KeNAAM will at all times conduct her operations in a transparent and accountable manner


 KeNAAM will at all times uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in the delivery of quality malaria and health services to target communities


In the development of support; goods and services; and knowledge, KeNAAM will always seek to empower partners and target communities for the purpose of creating local solutions and long term sustainability


KeNAAM is committed to employing innovation in the delivery of goods and services to target communities.


KeNAAM will at all times foster collaboration, networking and linkages for achieving results